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First of all, we thank everyone again for the wonderful, touching outpouring of support and love for Sanibel Captiva Beach Resorts and our very special islands paradise. Please keep your thoughts and prayers positive for us and for our community as we begin the recovery process.

While our team of Sanibel Captiva Beach Resorts management leaders have begun to create a plan of action to bring our resorts back to successful and exemplary operation as quickly as possible, we want to keep you in touch with each other by sharing memories or favorite moments at one of our resorts. Whether you recall vacationing with family at Beachview Cottages, or relaxing at the beach with your friends at ‘Tween Waters Island Resort, this is a space for you to recall those moments with each other: a place to share your story.

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    Guest Ambassador Assistance Program

    On behalf of all of our team members, we sincerely appreciate the outpouring of love and support we’ve received over the past several days in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Thankfully, everyone is safe, secure and accounted for. We have created a GoFundMe with 100% of the proceeds to benefit employees in need of financial assistance.

    Stories You’ve Shared!

    We are overwhelmed by the amazing stories of you and your families at our resorts. Our team is proud to have been a part of your special occasions, family vacations, and “just-because” visits. Below are stories that have been submitted by guests at Tween Waters, West Wind, Beachview, and Castaways Cottages.


    Sue H

    My girlfriends and I stayed at Tween Waters first of August. We couldn’t have had a nicer time. Weather was perfect, beach was awesome and staff at resort and Captiva House were so gracious. The hurricane was devastating and we are heartbroken. But we are excited about what’s to come with the rebuild so we can visit you all again. Prayers and God Bless!!


    Jane M

    My husband and I celebrated our 35th anniversary here- our last before his diagnosis and passing from cancer. We also spent our 20th at Tween Waters many years ago! A special place that will live in my heart forever.


    Rose A

    Before my future husband and I met, I discovered Sanibel on a solo vacation at Beachview Cottages, I fell in love! I made my bestie come down with me next, we stayed at Tween and again fell in love! We made annual girls trips. When I met my now husband, I introduced him to the islands and Tween and it became our spot! We were planning to get married at Tween and looking into options after we got engaged in 2017. Shortly there after we got a call about a child in foster care that needed adopting. My husband and I are both cancer survivors and could not conceive naturally, we knew we’d have to adopt. So even though the timing wasn’t perfect, we took all we had saved for a wedding, and with our family and friends help, went full speed ahead for the next 6 months to get Julianna out of the system and adopt our daughter. We lived in NY at the time and the baby was in Florida. Some of the times we’d have to come down to deal with the courts, we stayed a night or 2 at Tween to clear our minds. 6 months later we got custody of our daughter, got married by a justice of the peace in NY, and adopted Julianna! Eventually we moved to SWFL and made Tween our tradition with our baby girl. Our favorite time was Thanksgiving weekend for the tree lighting. Our next reservation was to come this November. Julianna’s favorite was that Tween has 2 hot tubs so she called one hers while Mommy and Daddy are in the other! Julianna is almost 6 years old and we have been married for 4 years, or as we like to call it our family-versary! We have so many core memories on Sanibel/Captiva, and especially at Tween. You all hold a very special place in our heart. When you are ready, we will be back to support you! #SanibelStrong


    Cindy B

    My husband and I stayed in 2021 and had a great time. We loved the proximity of the beach. A favorite memory was shelling before dawn, and when the sun came up, watching the beach come alive with dolphins and shorebirds. A magical moment.


    Kayla R

    Oh where do I begin. We have been traveling to the resort since 2014. We have had so many memories on the beach and at the resort. Our favorite building is the Gumbo limbo. The views are absolutely gorgeous all through the resort. The staff are amazing, especially when George worked there as the guest assistant, in which Nicholas now does an amazing job! 2017 our stay consisted of celebrating my sisters birthday, along with my engagement! My husband proposed there on the beach in front of Tween Waters. We then came back this Past August 2022 with our newest member of the family. Tween waters is a home away from home for us. We have shared so many memories at the resort and on the very beach there. We love everything about Captiva Island and Tween Waters!



    My family has been vacationing at Sanibel since the early 60’s when I was a wee little one. As an adult, I proposed to my husband at the Castaways in 1998, we’ve enjoyed numerous vacations, had two family reunions and just last year said goodbye to my mother with a beachside memorial service for her there. Castaways is part of our family mythology – from finding Junonias, dolphins swimming just feet away from us and kayaking with the manatees, it is common thread that helps hold our family together. We will be back when you are ready for us.



    We have spent many years visiting and our latest was my granddaughters first time to the beach. We always had a great time and Gael e recommended Castaways to my friends who also visit. I wish you the best and can’t wait to visit again.


    Amy G

    We had our Sunrise wedding at ‘Tween Waters on July 30, 2012 – we just celebrated our 10th anniversary! The end of July on Captiva is WONDERFUL! We love the hot days, the still hot nights with the rain in the afternoon! Since we had our wedding at 7:30 in the morning, we had all day to enjoy the pool, the beach and I don’t think it actually rained all day!! It was so beautiful. Also, my parents and my husband Matt’s mom and dad wanted to get us a bouquet but there was no where really to get one. The staff went around the resort and picked flowers – birds of paradise, hibiscus – so many gorgeous ones – and MADE us a bouquet that was in our room when we ended the day together! My favorite time to go to ‘Tween Waters is still the end of July!


    Lori & Bob S

    It was a very hectic Christmas and I was a little burnt out. My guy planned a trip to Tween early January. We thought the flight would never leave it was delayed hours but we got there in the evening and found this lovely paradise. It was the best trip in every way. We are forever hooked on Tween and will return again and again with family!