None of us had ever been, but we had heard so many wonderful things over the years. So I did an Internet search and found the adorable Beachview Cottages. From the pictures and the online reviews, they looked like just what we were looking for – a throwback to a simpler time in a beautiful ,relaxed location. My brothers and I, all in our 50s now, decided to bring Mom and leave spouses and grandchildren at home so that we could focus on our mom. We had never done this before and we’re not sure how it would go. Mom somewhat reluctantly agreed to the trip. Well it turned out to be the most beautiful, joyous week! Mom was smiling again. She loved walking down to the beach, collecting shells, and admiring the beautiful sunsets. She says she can’t wait to return- next time with her grandchildren! Please, please rebuild the cottages so that we can take our mom again with the whole family!